Conference Awards

The Rocking Dead (1st Place)

“The Rocking Dead” was an environmental engineering competition at this past ASCE conference. With the purpose of boosting their chances of surviving a mock zombie apocalypse, chapter teams were tasked with designing a water filtration device out of charcoal, water bottles, sand, tape, and a coffee filter. The improvisational and design skills of our chapter team–composed of Jennifer Artiles, Maria Gonzalez, Francisca Olmos de Aguilera, and Gisselle Gutierez –allowed them to bring home the first place award for this competition. If you have the opportunity, congratulate them on their great success.

T – Shirt Competition (1st Place)

In this competition, FIU ASCE members Tarell Thompson, Elena Pineda, and Dalmiro Desiano were tasked with designing a tee shirt that promoted the conference’s theme of “rocking in the Smokies” and showed school spirit. Additionally, they had to provide the shirt to each member of the FIU conference team for use during the conference field day. Due to their hard work and creativity, they achieved first place in the competition. Please congratulate them on their accomplishment if you are able to.

On Tour (2nd Place)

For this surveying competition, FIU ASCE members Erkin Yergin, Andrea CedeƱo, Jessica Garcia, and Lorenzo Fuchs were required to use a total station to calculate the Northing/Easting coordinates and elevation of an inaccessible point. Due to their adept application of surveying concepts and techniques, they were able to achieve second place. Be sure to congratulate them if you see them!