About Us

What is ASCE?

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is the oldest national engineering society in the United States. Founded in 1852, ASCE was created to disseminate information amongst engineers dedicated to building our country’s infrastructure. Educational activities extend to college campuses across the nation: 272 student chapters, clubs, and international student groups sponsor meetings, educational outreach, regional conferences, student competitions, social events and other activities to help future engineers become better prepared for their careers. Numerous scholarships and awards are gifted to deserving civil engineering students as well.

Our Mission

Our fundamental goal as a student chapter is to engage our members in the modern world of civil engineering and all that it encompasses, working for the public good through innovation and networking. We get civil engineering students involved with their career paths long before graduation by creating activities that embrace professional development in the engineering field. We offer hands-on experiences for students and encourage networking with fellow classmates/professionals through social events, internships, and job opportunities.

ASCE is more than just a chapter, it's a family!

Working for the public good through innovation and networking.

Mission Statement