Community Service

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FIU’s American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has the privilege of giving back this year through the means of our annual Service Activity competition. We are to plan, fundraise, and execute a community service project in our local community that benefits a non-profit entity.

With that being said, all of us in FIU-ASCE believe that the foundation of being a Civil Engineer is to above all else┬árecognize that the lives, safety, health, and welfare of the general public are taken care of. Everyone that is part of this outreach is passionate about the community and have in mind one simple phrase: “Impact their life, not their day.” It takes a community to make a change in someones life, but it also takes a community to sustain that change.

Please join us in this cause by not just donating but by participating. If you have an organization that you’re passionate about or any ideas of ways in which we can impact our local community, lets get brainstorming by emailing/contacting us today.

Lets get to work!

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