ASCE Goes Camping!

After several months of hard work with conference, competitions, exams and other events, the spring semester had finally come to an end. But that didn’t mean that the WhatsApp chat was dead. More than ever our phones were full of notifications in the middle of the night and laughing at the fact that there were 50 to 100 of unread messages. Of course, that wasn’t really surprising since we all had become more like a family and with two weeks of no school why not take advantage of that time and go on another trip.

A few ASCE members had already been planning on going camping and the time had come to actually do it. After many days of debating on the place and time, it was finally decided to head to Rainbow Springs State Park on May 11, 2016.

So the day began with a 5-hr road trip (of course that was nothing since we had already experienced a 20-hr road trip to Alabama together), and as the members know, it is not a road trip without taking pictures of our fellow sleepy heads. #SleepIsForTheWeak


Once there, we had time to explore around the camp grounds and to struggle setting up our tents. Since we were all eager to see the crystalline water, we set up everything quickly and went off to check out the spring. The view was breathtaking, the water was extremely refreshing, and we quickly grabbed the GoPro’s,  walked to the deck and jumped in!

When the night came, it was the time to cook some dinner, eat, make a good old camp fire and sing under the stars. But the best part of all was the delicious campfire s’mores ! It was a perfect end to a day full of road trip and nice spring water.

The next day the group got up early to eat breakfast and immediately after got ready to enjoy the day in Rainbow Springs. The first stop in the itinerary was the waterfall trail. The trail was beautiful and it was also the perfect place for our Historian Michelle Garcia, to break her phone while Snapchatting #DontSnapAndWalkOnRockyTrails. After a long walk under the hot sun, it was time to return to the spring and take a nice refreshing dip. Others had time to play a nice game of soccer, while other enjoyed some good food and some went kayaking. Once the sun was ready to set, we all went back to the campsite to have a nice dinner filled with laughs, music, more campfire and a nice walk to the river under the stars. Then it was time to sleep to get up for a trip back home but although it may seem like a short trip, it was a memorable one.